Documentation: Quizzes

Instructions on using the Quizzes feature inside CoursesCure.

Quizzes – Setup Overview

This article includes examples of the following settings for Quizzes within CourseCure. The table of contents on the right can be used to jump to any section. General Settings Quiz Setup Quiz Questions Quiz Settings Quiz Actions Quiz Shortcodes Quiz Results — General Settings There is a General Settings section that covers a few Settings

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Courses – Add a Quiz

A Quiz can be added to any Course. This provides a number of useful options. This means users could be required to complete a Quiz before moving onto the next lesson within a Course. Or a set score must be achieved in order to pass a Quiz within a Course. These are just a couple

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Courses – Duplicate a Quiz

A quick way to create a new Quiz is by using the Duplicate Quiz option. This allows you to make a copy of an existing Quiz and then simply edit/change the copy to create a new Quiz. This is useful if you are creating similar Quizzes. Example: You may have an existing Quiz that just

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CourseCure Shortcode Inserter

CourseCure includes a number of useful Shortcodes that can be used to display various pieces of information to Users on the site. These Shortcodes cover a variety of topics like Quiz Results, Point Totals, Course Details, Badge List and much more. — The CourseCure Shortcode Inserter can be accessed using either of the following Gutenberg

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Summary of CourseCure Shortcodes

Each Add-on within CourseCure has it’s own set of Shortcodes. More details on how to insert a Shortcode using the CourseCure Shortcode Inserter can be found in the Shortcode Inserter article. CourseCure Shortcodes: CoursesQuizzesBadgesPoints — Courses Course Archive Shortcode: Displays the selected Courses on the site. There is a variety of additional settings that can

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Hooks – Quizzes

Below are the available Hooks within Quizzes. These can be used to customize the functionality for Quizzes. ========== /*** Fires after the user passes a quiz** @param integer $quiz_id – Quiz Id* @param integer current_user->ID – User ID*/do_action( ‘wl_quiz_passed’, $quiz_id, $current_user->ID ); /*** Fires after the user fails a quiz** @param integer $quiz_id – Quiz

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