WishList Member Add-ons Is Now CourseCure!

That’s right! The WishList Member Add-ons plugin that includes Courses, Quizzes, Points, and Badges is now officially the CourseCure plugin. This page has important info on what happened and what you need to do in order to migrate to the new plugin.

Before that, though, I just want to take a moment and say: Thank You!

As you may know, WishList Products was acquired by the team behind Memberium and, it’s been a whirlwind the last month or so — integrating teams, establishing the vision for our current line of products, and learning about our new CEO, Micah Mitchell’s, juggling and uni-cycling habits!

John Morris

John Morris

Head of Product

Jokes aside, though, we appreciate you sticking with us through all this. 

That said, let’s get down to business. As of today, we have officially rebranded the WishList Member Add-ons plugin as CourseCure. It has all the same features you’ve been using, simply a new name and new vision to become the premiere LMS plugin in the WordPress space. 

When you update, today, nothing will change inside your site. However, all future updates and support will be through the CourseCure brand and no additional updates will be made to the WishList Member add-ons plugin. 

So, you’ll want to update right away. 

As an existing Add-ons customer, you’ll have the same access on the same terms as you’ve had… so, nothing changes for you except the name of the plugin. The best way to upgrade is to simply wait for the upgrade to your existing Add-ons plugin to appear inside WordPress:

This can take up to 24 hours to show up, but upgrading this way will “auto-magically” take care of everything and you’ll be all set going forward. 

That said, you can manually update the plugin if you don’t want to wait. However, you will need to follow some important instructions: 

  • IMPORTANT: Backup your site before updating in case you need to roll back the update. This is always important, but this is one of those times when you really want to make sure and do it. 🙂

  • Make sure to deactivate and then delete the existing Add-ons plugin from your site. If you don’t, uploading and activating CourseCure will cause an error (since they’re essentially the same plugin).

  • Don’t worry, your data is will be saved in the database and CourseCure will “pick it up” automatically when you activate it. 

So, tldr… deactivate and delete the WishList Members Add-on, THEN upload and install CourseCure. Even better, just wait for the upgrade to appear and inside WordPress and let us handle it. That is the easiest option. 

NOTE: The menu for CourseCure is now separate from WishList Member and will move to its own section in the WordPress menu when you update the plugin (as show below): 

Of course, if you have any questions or run into any issues, you can contact our support team at support@coursecure.com and we’re more than happy to help. 

Once again… Thank You! We’re really excited to get this first big piece out the door and start working on the future of CourseCure, WishList Member, Memberium… and more. 

You can click the button below to log into the CourseCure website using the username and password sent to you via email, download CourseCure, access documents, support and more. 

John Morris 
Head of Product, Membershipper
Creators of CourseCure