Points – How Do Users Redeem Points?

CourseCure includes the ability to add Points to Users and they can redeem those Points for items like Badges, access to Levels, etc.

We are going to address the following question:

How Do Users Redeem Points?

The first step is to setup Point Rules. (Details on Points Rules setup creation can be found in the Points Redemption section of the Points Setup Overview article).

Once you have your Points Rules created, you can allow Users to redeem their Points for items.

In this example, we are going to run through the steps to create a Redemption button for a Badge named “Night Sky”.

A page/post can be created on the site and Shortcodes can be inserted to display the Redemption buttons.

The Shortcodes that will display the Redemption option on the live site can be found in the Points Redemption section in the Shortcodes column.

Note: The Redemption URL can also be used to allow for Redemption. The Redemption URL can be found in the Points > Redemption > Click to edit Rule > Settings section.

Inserting the Shortcode or using the Redemption URL on a page/post will allow the User to click the button or link and run through the Redemption process.

The example below shows the Shortcode inserted into a WordPress page.

Click the blue Save/Update button and the page is all set.

The button will now appear on the live site and the Users can redeem their Points to be issued the corresponding Badge.

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