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CourseCure – General Overview

The CourseCure plugin provides in depth LMS functionality in the form of Add-ons that can be enabled or disabled depending on which options you want to use. The Add-ons can also be used with each other. For example: Quizzes can be added to Courses, Points or Badges can be awarded when a Quiz is passed, Points can

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Badges – Setup Overview

This article includes examples of the following settings for Badges within CourseCure. The table of contents on the right can be used to jump to any section. Setup Library Mass Add/Remove Logs Settings — Badges Setup Badges can be created in the Setup > Badge Rules section. — Each Rule will add/remove the set Badge

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Hooks – Badges

Below are the available Hooks within Badges. These can be used to customize the functionality for Badges. ========== /*** Fires after a badge has been successfully added to a user** @param integer $user_id – User Id* @param integer $badge_id – ID of the badge added.*/do_action( ‘wishlistbadge_add_user_badge’, $user_id, $badge_id ); /*** Fires after a badge has

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