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Courses – Styling

You can style the look and feel of your course, module and lesson pages using CourseCure and the WordPress Customizer. This allows you to really put your stamp on the course experience for your members. Choosing complimentary colors and setting the perfect text for titles and headings in your courses is easy and can make

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CourseCure – General Overview

The CourseCure plugin provides in depth LMS functionality in the form of Add-ons that can be enabled or disabled depending on which options you want to use. The Add-ons can also be used with each other. For example: Quizzes can be added to Courses, Points or Badges can be awarded when a Quiz is passed, Points can

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Courses – Course Library Page Slug

The Course Library Page is created automatically unless you specify a different Course Library Page in the Courses > Settings section. When the Course Library Page is auto created, its slug is ‘wl-courses’ If you don’t want ‘wl-courses’ in the Course Library Page, you can create a new page and name it how you would like

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Hooks – Courses

Below are the available Hooks within Courses. These can be used to customize the functionality for Courses. Filters and Actions can be setup using these Hooks. Triggers Filters ========== /*** Fires after successfully marking a course/module/lesson completed** @param integer $userid User Id* @param integer $content_id Course/Module/Lesson Post Id* @param string $post_type Course/Module/Lesson Post Type*/do_action( ‘wlcourses_contents_marked_completed’,

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