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CourseCure – General Overview

The CourseCure plugin provides in depth LMS functionality in the form of Add-ons that can be enabled or disabled depending on which options you want to use. The Add-ons can also be used with each other. For example: Quizzes can be added to Courses, Points or Badges can be awarded when a Quiz is passed, Points can

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Hooks – Quizzes

Below are the available Hooks within Quizzes. These can be used to customize the functionality for Quizzes. ========== /*** Fires after the user passes a quiz** @param integer $quiz_id – Quiz Id* @param integer current_user->ID – User ID*/do_action( ‘wl_quiz_passed’, $quiz_id, $current_user->ID ); /*** Fires after the user fails a quiz** @param integer $quiz_id – Quiz

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